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Acmoscoat 3-1020-1

Sprayable, semi-permanent, water-based, rotomoulding PE coating


Excellent separating properties

Minimal cleaning intervals

Economical to use

Matt surface

Without having to run an empty cycle for polymerization.


Before the first use, after mechanical cleaning, the molds should be cleaned with ACMOSOL 130-22 mold cleaning agent. A good and long-lasting release coating can only be achieved on clean mold surfaces.

The first 3-5 coats of Acmoscoat 3-1020-1 should be applied thinly and evenly using a cloth or spray technology. Where the mold temperature exceeds 60 ° C, spray application is required. It is necessary to wait for the coating to dry (waiting time between coatings 3-5 minutes) and for the water to drain off. The mold can be used immediately after drying.

One or two additional coatings of Acmoscoat 3-1020-1 can be applied with decreasing release properties. Additional layers can only be applied to dry and dull areas.


Stir thoroughly before use. Do not store outdoors. Protect against extreme temperatures. Keep stirring while using. The product should be at room temperature before use.