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Cold flexible foam

  • Sprayable or paste release agents
  • Water-based, low solvent or solvent based
  • Minimal cleaning intervals
  • Dry mold surface, gluing possible in most cases without pre-treatment.

Integral skin

  • Highly efficient release agents
  • Compatible with IMC paint
  • Environment friendly
  • Minimal transfer of the release agent to the part to be produced

Semi-rigid foam

  • Anti-adhesive agents provide a semi-matt gasket surface
  • Dispersion of waxes and silicones in isoparaffins.
  • No risk of bacterial contamination
  • Excellent release properties

Rigid foam

  • External separating means for PUR, mainly for semi-rigid and filling foams
  • Excellent separating properties
  • Low VOC content
  • Economical to use