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In cooperation with machine manufacturers and users ACMOS develops metalworking agents that take into account technical progress, relief in workflow and environmental consciousness.

The main applications of ACMOS products for the metalworking industry are cooling, grinding, sliding, punching, thread cutting, dewatering and corrosion protection.


Cooling Lubricants

  • Water-miscible cooling lubricants for machining high-tensile materials at high cutting speeds
  • Universal for machining, for the treatment of aluminium with high-silica and grinding

Grinding Coolants

  • Water-soluble cooling lubricant for virtually all grinding work
  • No odour formation, no decomposition and very long periods of use
  • Provides particularly good protection against corrosion


  • Cooling lubricant miscible with water
  • Contains fully synthetic active substances and anti-corrosive agents

Cutting and Machining

  • High-alloyed, chlorine-free EP cutting oil
  • Suitable for general cutting processes of steels and non-ferrous metals with very good performance
  • Contains polar ingredients granting the oil high wettability and good adhesion properties on metal surfaces

System cleaners

  • System cleaning agent for water-based coolant/lubricants
  • Is a major step towards making the cleaning operation quicker, simpler and more reliable


  • Dewatering and anti-corrosive agent with enhanced protection against corrosion
  • Suitable for storage indoors and outdoors
  • Is a dewatering and anti-corrosive agent for parts, which are supplied wet from production and are to be dried without thermal effects

Thread-cutting agents

  • Special Thread-cutting agents
  • Ready to use
  • Tool wear is minimized and tool life maximized


  • High-performance punching products
  • Excellent lubricating and moisturizing properties
  • Form a stable and well-adhering protective layer