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ACMOScoat 82-9101

Sprayable mold primer


Very good sealing of the mold against the release agent

Perfectly compatible with Acmoscoat 82-9062

The parts get high surface energy for better post-treatment

Low build-up on mold, very sticky coating.


Before the first use, the molds should be thoroughly cleaned of separating agents, dirt and grease residues. After mechanical cleaning, we recommend using the ACMOSOL 130-22 mold cleaner.

A suitable and resistant separating coating can only be created on clean surfaces of the molds.

Before the first use, three thin layers should be applied to the mold using a cloth or spraying equipment at intervals of 3-5 minutes.


Ideal temperature: between 10 ° C and 30 ° C, do not leave the container open.

Usage time: about 6 months