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ACMOS 43-5004

Chute Repair Coating Agent


With ACMOS 43-5004 the impact surfaces of the drop chutes worn by the glass gob can be repaired. Article defects like loading marks, washboards etc. which are due to the worn chutes are minimized significantly by the use of ACMOS 43-5004. The application of the coating is easy and takes only low influence on production process! A cooling of the preforms by the ejected gob is hardly measurable. Test runs in several glassworks have shown that an application in an interval of four hours can be sufficient to exploit the advantages of the coating extremely well. However, the coating can be also used according to demand.


– Shake up coating material in the can homogeneously. – Select suitable swabbing tassel according to chute size. – Remove loose dirt from the chutes with a cotton cloth. – Soak swabbing tassel with ACMOS 43-5004 and squeeze so that no material drips off. – Eject a gob by pressing lubrication button. – To coat the chutes, one pulls the soaked tassel through the chutes from above downwards. – Please note: The chutes should have minimum a temperature of 80°C. Only then the coating dries immediately and forms a firm layer.


Do not store outdoors. Protect against frost. ACMOS 43-5004 is supplied in disposable packaging with a net content of 1 kg (cartons contain 12 x 1 kg) or 5 kg cans.

Please check for material compatibility before use! Additional information can be found in the ACMOS EU safety data sheet. Our Sales and Technical Department are always at your disposal to answer technical queries. All information given is accurate to the best of our knowledge but do not exempt from your own testswith regards to its aptitude for the intended purposes. Application, use and processing are done outside our control and must therefore be exclusively the responsibility of the end user.