ACMOS 48-500

Release paste for rotary blow moulding


ACMOS 48-500 is a release paste with an excellent adhesion on metal.

ACMOS 48-500 is a product on a graphite and wax base with very good wetting properties and
forms a thin parting film with good adhesion. Cracks in the glass are avoided, likewise wobbling
or tilting glasses. ACMOS 48-500 is water-dilutable.


ACMOS 48-500 serves as protection of the contact points between glass and metal e.g. on the transport from production into the annealing furnace and for the transfer plate. To prevent adherence of the glass during pressed glass production a thin coating can also be applied to the frames and edges of the plant.

At the stemmed glass production the diversion blades can be coated. This is only a part of the application ranges of ACMOS 48-500, it prevents an adherence of the glass to the metal or the
emergence of stress cracks everywhere there, where this shall be avoided. It leaves no residues on the manufactured glass.


Available in non-returnable cans with a net content of 5 kg.