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ACMOSOL 133-30

System cleaning agent for water-based coolant/lubricants


The use of easy-care water-miscible coolant/lubricants has greatly facilitated the task of cleaning machines and vessels. Nevertheless, if these vessels contain very old solutions or obnoxious-smelling discoloured emulsions, the cleaning operation continues to be highly unpopular and therefore tends to be skimped. As a result, germ-laden residues of the old working solution remain in the vessels, where they provide a source of infection. These residues rapidly contaminate the fresh coolant emulsion poured in, so that this, too, has to be changed.

The use of ACMOSOL 133-30 multi-functional system cleaning agent is a major step towards making the cleaning operation quicker, simpler and more reliable. What is more, the replacement coolant solution keeps longer. As a rule this means an enormous cost saving.


If coolant tanks on individual machines or in centralized cooling systems have to be cleaned, some 1% ACMOSOL 133-30 is added to the working solution on the day before the cleaning operation. Normal working is then resumed. The good wetting action of the system cleaning agent thoroughly flushes through the piping and dead corners, while this bactericidal action destroys any accumulations of bacteria. Usually the disagreeable odour of putrefied coolant emulsions is also eliminated quite rapidly.

On the following day, when the stock tank has been cleaned, the machine is flushed through thoroughly with clean water and immediately afterwards filled with fresh working emulsion.

ACMOSOL 133-30 combines the actions of a cleaning agent, anticorrosive and biocide.


Biocides have to be used cautiously and carefully. Always notice special labelling and safety data sheet before use.


Disposable containers holding 5 kg and 20 kg net.