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Dewatering and anti-corrosive agent with enhanced protection against corrosion


Anti-corrosive additives dissolved in mineral oil with high affinity for metal and extremely good water displacement effect.


ACMOSIN 51-18 is a dewatering and anti-corrosive agent for parts, which are supplied wet from production and are to be dried without thermal effects, e.g. during grinding or burnishing, in the hardening shop, electroplating plant, etc. Suitable for storage indoors and outdoors.

ACMOSIN 51-18 is highly fluid and runs off the parts without leaving substantial residues. A thin oily film with an extremely good protective effect forms after a short storage time.


Place workpieces with a strainer basket in ACMOSIN 51-18 for a short time or swing to and fro briefly. Adhering water is displaced from the surface, sinks to the bottom and can be drained from the dip tank from time to time.


Non-returnable drums with net contents of 5 kg, 20 kg and 160 kg.