Henax | ACMOS 46-45
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ACMOS 46-45

ACMOS 46-45

ACMOS 46-45 is suitable both for use in circulation systems and in systems without return of the outflowing cooling lubricants.


ACMOS 46-45 contains emulsifying agents, anti-corrosive agents and special lubricants consistent with each other.

It was possible to combine all properties, which must be present in a modern, easily cleaned cooling lubricant, by careful selection of the individual components:

– nexcellent lubricating effect
– long feeder blade life
– no attack on aluminium
– no gumming or resinification
– high resistance to microorganisms
– excellent cooling effect
– very good corrosion protection
– very good resistance to hard water
– highly economical consumption


ACMOS 46-45 can be used in a dilution up to 1 : 1000, a ratio of 1 : 900 being the most advantageous according to experience so far acquired. The diluted solutions should ideally be prepared with a metering plunger pump (e.g. Bran + Lübbe, Lewa or Pro Minent), because a constant concentration is achieved only in this way.


ACMOS 46-45 is readily miscible with water to form a clear to weakly turbid solution.

Appearance of the concentrate : brownish, clear
Density (20°C) : approx. 1.02 g/ml
Viscosity (25°C) : approx. 60 mPas
Mineral oil : no
Nitrite : no


Non-returnable drums with net contents of 20 kg and 180 kg.