Henax | środki oddzielające, oddzielacze antyadhezyjne
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Various car parts
production of glass
Small screw nut in wrench jaws
Bottle factory, process of making glass bottles
air filter for car repair
metal pouring in casting line production
Footwear production – boots and rubber soles
Varous products from polyurethane on the exhibition stand. industry
Bohemian glass factory in Svetla nad Sazavou, Czech Republic.
Metall gießen in der Gießerei
Stack of different boards. OSB, plywood and gypsum board. 3d illustration
A modern CNC milling machine makes a large cogwheel.
Sunroof in luxurious SUV
High precision CNC machining center working, operator machining automotive sample part process
Production of particle board

Welcome to the website of Henax Ltd.

Our products have been on the Polish market since 1978. We specialize in wholesale of chemical products, which find wide-ranging applications in productive processes of many branches.

We operate in branches such as:


HENAX provides customised solutions for the different manufacturing processes. Whether ``ready-to-use`` or concentrate, aqueous or solvent-based, pasty or permanent coating.


HENAX products guarantee an optimum separation of the glass from the moulding tools.


The release agents ACMOS has developed for the foundry industry meet the high demands required for flawless mould manufacture and prevent damage in the moulding tools.


The primary fields of application for ACMOS products are in glueing, pressing, laminating and varnishing.

Our office