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ACMOS Chemie, KG headquartered in Bremen, Germany manufactures a complete range of water-based mould release agents at its ISO certified facilities. ACMOS products are used throughout the world by many leading manufacturers moulding elastomeric components. The key markets for our technical rubber products include automotive, oil & gas, and general industry. ACMOS continues the advancement of release agent technology with 25% of its staff dedicated to Research and Development. The ACMOS product line for Technical Rubber range from sacrificial to permanent coatings while specializing in the most durable semi-permanent release agent technology available. This diverse range of products allows us to choose the best product to maximize the performance for your application.

Technischer Gummi

  • Release agents for rubber, such as e.g. toothed belts
  • Excellent gliding properties
  • Dilutable with water


  • Universally applicable Release Agent for almost all types of rubbers
  • Release Agent concentrate, dilutable with water
  • Economic in use