Henax | WAXILIT 22-2411
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WAXILIT 22-2411

WAXILIT 22-2411

Lubricant spray for woodworking machines


No active substances regarded as toxic or carcinogenic according to the Regulations concerning Dangerous Substances are used in the production of WAXILIT 22-2411. However, the product contains solvent and is conveyed by propane/butane as propellant gas. Hence do not inhale spray mist.


WAXILIT 22-2411 is a silicon-free lubricant spray, which can also be used on areas of woodworking machines not easily accessible (without CFC). Temporarily prevents resin deposition on tools.


Highly suitable for smaller woodworking machines not easily accessible. For supporting surfaces on saws, planing machines, automatic machines, cutters, feed areas on moulding machines. For sliding rails, roller blinds, sliding doors, assembly tables, drawers. For planing knives, cutters and saw blades. Immediately effective. Easy application. Does not leave spots. There have been no reports of trouble during subsequent staining, varnishing or gluing.


Carton with 12 x 1 tin(spray)