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ACMOS 43-9025

Special mould coating resistant to high temperatures


ACMOS 43-9025 is a varnish-type, highly heat-resistant coating specially developed for surface treatment of moulds for the blow-and-blow process. ACMOS 43-9025 forms a matt grey, very strongly adhering film, which enables dry closing of the moulds and renders mould lubrication unnecessary for up to 5 hours. When an ACMOS mould release agent is used brushing of the gathering moulds is required only at much longer intervals; the intervals are about three times longer than in the conventional process. Hence ACMOS 43-9025 in conjunction with an ACMOS mould release agent thus offers a significant cost advantage as a result of low consumption and extended mould lives.


ACMOS 43-9025 is formulated for spraying and can easily be applied by a compressed-air spray gun (nozzle width 0.8 mm, air pressure 1.7 – 2 bar). Before spraying the moulds must be metallically bright and should be degreased with ACMOSOL 130-28 cleaner. Two coatings of ACMOS 43-9025 should then be sprayed on thinly and uniformly. Between each operation the solvent should have evaporated to such an extent that the coating appears dry. Allow the coating to dry well after the second application, then stove. Optimum film properties are achieved after about one hour at about 350°C. Make sure that rooms and workplaces are well ventilated. Product has to be stirred well before processing but do not shake permanently because otherwise the consistency of the product changes and gets unusable!


ACMOS 43-9025 is supplied in sheet-metal drums. Boxes = 12 x 0,9 kg or cans á 5 kg net. ACMOSOL 130-28 in 18 kg canisters.