Henax | Grotanol SR1
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Grotanol SR1

Grotanol SR1

System cleaner and disinfection


Grotanol SR1 is an alkaline disinfectant with a high soil carrying capacity and rapid bactericidal and fungicidal effects.

Grotanol SR1 has a biocidal action (against bacteria, moulds & yeasts) and eliminates grease, clusters of dirt and biofilms.


Depending on the degree of soiling, Grotanol SR1 is used 1 % – 3 % in an aqueous solution. In order to achieve an optimum cleaning effect, a contact time of at least 6 – 24 hours is recommended.

Please note that in cases of especially heavy contamination it is advisable to combine chemical and mechanical system cleaning.

Grotanol SR1 is compatible with ultra-filtration-plants.


Colour: light yellow – yellow
Form: Liquid
Odour: odourless
Density (20 °C): 1.063 – 1.083 g/ml
Refractive index (20 °C): 1.376 – 1.388
Initial boiling point: ca. 100 °C
Flash point (ISO 2719): > 100 °C
Flow time (DIN 53211 – 20 °C): < 15 s
Water solubility (20 °C): in all proportions


Non-returnable containers with 10 kg netto.