Henax | Dosing System
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Dosing System

Dosing System, customized for graphite dispersion

Automatic dosing system is used in particular for belt conveyors at hot ends.
High accuracy and the ability to program spraying cycles allows full customization to the client’s specific needs.
Together with Acmos 48-501, it prevents cracking at the bottom of the glass. ACMOS 48-501 leaves no residue on the finished glass and does not accumulate material on the conveyor belts. It is particularly used in the production of bottles that should withstand internal burst pressure.


Robust metal cabinet

Pump with recirculation

Reservoir ca. 14 Liter

Pipes of stainless steel and teflon, where applicable

Spraycycle fully adjustable

2 Sprayvalves with anti-stick coated nozzle and spraycap included

For max. 2 sprayvalves


All components are CE