Henax | ACMOSOL 133-5045
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ACMOSOL 133-5045

ACMOSOL 133-5045

Cleaner for glue application machines using casein glues


No substances classified as toxic or carcinogenic are used in the manufacture of ACMOSOL 133-5045.


ACMOSOL 133-5045 facilitates the cleaning of glue application machines and glue collection trays.


ACMOSOL 133-5045 cleaner must be diluted with water in a proportion of 1:3 to 1:5. Apply this emulsion to the glue application machine. The amount to be applied depends on the number and size of the rollers.

We recommend that 0,5 to 1 liter ACMOSOL 133-5045 per roller be mixed into the remaining volume of glue. Let the machine continue to run for several minutes. As soon as the cleaner has been thoroughly mixed with the remaining glue, the machine can be washed down or rinsed with water without difficulty.


Available in non-returnable drums with a net content of 5 kg or 20 kg.


For conveyor rollers or discs that run in a water bath we recommend the addition of ACMOSIN 55-02. This prevents the adhesion of glue residues. The amount to be added is 5-10% in relation to the water (Please ask for the separate information sheet).