Henax | ACMOSOL 130-102
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ACMOSOL 130-102

ACMOSOL 130-102

Cleaner for hot-melt adhesive tanks on edge-banding and other gluing machines


No substances regarded as toxic or carcinogenic according to the Regulations concerning Dangerous Substances are used in the production of Cleaner ACMOSOL 130-102.


Cleaner ACMOSOL 130-102 has a high flash point (see data sheet), hence be used without problems.


Empty the hot-melt adhesive tank as far as possible. Switch off the heating. Pour Cleaner ACMOSOL 130-102 into the still hot tank, so that the boffom is covered to a depth of 3 – 5 cm. Spread the cleaner with a spatula or brush on the tank walls and leave it to act for 20 – 30 minutes. Then stir the dissolving hot-melt adhesive residues with the cleaner and remove the mixture with the spatula from the tank.

Cold adhesive tanks must first be heated.

IMPORTANT: Residues of the cleaner and of the dissolved cleaner and adhesive mass must be carefully removed from tools, metering equipment, etc. before new preparation of the hot-melt adhesive granulate in order to prevent faulty gluing.


Non-returnable drums with a nett capacity of 5 kg and 20 kg.