Henax | ACMOSIN 52-46
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Anti-corrosion and lubricating agent for annealing furnace mats


ACMOSIN 52-46 is an aqueous dispersion of special active materials. During use existing rust is bound and a new formation is effectively prevented.

ACMOSIN 52-46 contains a small quantity of graphite in order to guarantee better sliding when glass articles are inserted into the furnace.


ACMOSIN 52-46 is applied at the cold end.

Mix ACMOSIN 52-46 in water in a ratio of approx. 1:10, depending on the particular application.

When using ACMOSIN 52-46 for the first time, a single pass should be made with a lower dilution (approx. 1:1).

Caution! If the dilution is too low, smoke may be produced from the annealing furnace mats in unfavourable circumstances.

Loose rust should be removed before using ACMOSIN 52-46. When applying by hand it is advisable to use a paint roller.

Under the table you may work with a mobile spraygun and therefore apply periodically (do not spray upwards against the glass articles). It is also possible to set up under the table a tank with a felt roller which then carries the product onto the annealing furnace mat.

In all the above-mentioned application modes the dispersion must be kept in movement, so that depositing of the graphite is prevented.


Non-returnable drums containing 5 kg, 20 kg or 220 kg net.