Henax | ACMOScoat 82-9064
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ACMOScoat 82-9064

ACMOScoat 82-9064

Spray- and wipeable, semipermanent release coating, for PE rotational moulding


Very good wetting on hot and cold mould surfaces and perfect release

Negligible transfer of the release coating onto demoulded parts

Parts get a high surface gloss without any post treatment

Low mould build-up, strong adhering coating

Polymerisation: one empty round on a running cycle

High temperature resistant mould coating

Release coating can be touched up


Moulds must be cleaned carefully from release agent, dirt and grease remainders before first use. We recommend to use ACMOSOL 130-22 mould cleaner after mechanical cleaning.

A proper and resistant release film can only be created on clean mould surfaces. Upon first use three coats will be applied thin and homogenous onto the warm mould surface. Mould temperatures exceeding 60°C require spray application. Keep a curing time of 3 – 5 minutes between the coats (at room temp.).

Finally please allow the coating to polymerize: the mould prepared should run one empty round at full process temperature (approx. 200 – 260°C).

Upon decreasing release power please re-apply one or two layers of ACMOScoat 82-9064 onto the hot mould (so-called “Touch-Up”) and give it another 10 minutes curing time.

ATTENTION: containers are under protective gas. After first use please process the whole content within 2 weeks to prevent degradation of the active ingredients. Open for short time only and close tightly every time.


Ideal temperature: between 10° C and 30° C, don´t leave container open.