Henax | ACMOSCoat 82-9062
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ACMOSCoat 82-9062

ACMOSCoat 82-9062

Sprayable and wipeable, semipermanent release coating for reactive resins


Good wetting on cold mould surfaces (min. 20°C) and perfect release

Negligible transfer of the release coating onto demoulded parts

Parts get a high surface energy for better post treatment abilities

Low mould build-up, strong adhering coating

Polymerising temperatures from 50 – 200°C

High temperature resistant mould coating (max. 250°C)

Optional use in combination with Sealer ACMOScoat 82-9100


Moulds must be cleaned carefully from release agent, dirt and grease remainders before first use. We recommend to use ACMOSOL 130-22 mould cleaner after mechanical cleaning.

A proper and resistant release film can only be created on clean mould surfaces. Upon first use three coats will be applied thin and homogenous with a clean and lint-free cloth onto the mould surface. Mould temperatures exceeding 60°C require spray application. Keep a curing time of 5 – 10 minutes between the coats.

Finally please allow the coating to polymerize:

Mould temperature Polymerisation time:

20°C approx. 30 minutes
50°C approx. 15 minutes
above 100°C approx. 3 minutes

Now the mould is ready for filling with Prepreg, SMC, BMC or other thermoactive resin systems. Upon decreasing release power please re-apply one or two layers of ACMOScoat 82-9062 onto the hot mould (so-called “Touch-Up”) and give it another 3 – 30 minutes curing time, please see table above!

ATTENTION: containers are under protective gas. After first use please process the whole content within 2 weeks to prevent degradation of the active ingredients. Open for short time only and close tightly every time.


Ideal temperature: between 10° C and 30° C, dont leave container open.