Henax | ACMOScoat 36-5186
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ACMOScoat 36-5186

ACMOScoat 36-5186

External Release Agent for manufacturing PUR, mainly for rigid and rigid integral foams


Sprayable water based release agent, free of linear PDMS (silicone oil)
Free from silicone oil.


Excellent release
Minimal cleaning stops
Economic in use
Minimal transfer of release agent to the molded part
Excellent bonding capabilities


Contents of container must be cautiously stirred before use.
Do not use in central supply units and ring mains.
The Release Agent should be at room temperature before processing.
We recommend using needle-controlled air-assisted spray-guns.
At normal cycle times the material output should be about 30 – 150 ml/min. This can be achieved by using nozzles of a diameter of 0,3 – 0,5 mm and an appropriate material pressure.
The Release Agent should be applied in thin and uniform layers.
Before first coating is applied the mould should be cleaned carefully. We recommend to use solid state blasting.
New or cleaned moulds should be sealed with the Release Agent two or three times before filling. Take care that the water is evaporated before applying the next coat.


Stir up thoroughly before use.Do not store outdoors. Protect from heat and cold. To use only under permanent stirring.
Allow products to reach room temperature before use.
Storage temperature: between 10° C and 30° C
Maximum storage: approx. 9 months (originally sealed container)