Henax | ACMOSAN 82-6009
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ACMOSAN 82-6009

ACMOSAN 82-6009

Semipermanent Release Agent for UP/EP resins


Sprayable semi-permanent Release Agent


Economic processing – optimum release.
Multiple demoulds per application of the Release Agent – no build up in the mould.
No problems with post-painting or -glueing – No Release Agent-transfer onto the moulded part.


Before the first coating is applied, the mould should be carefully cleaned from residues of grease and release agent. We recommend to use ACMOSOL 130-22 mould cleaner. Upon first use the Release Agent has to be sprayed or wiped with a clean cloth thin and uniform onto the mould surface in three layers. After each layer the polymerization times depending on the mould temperature as mentioned below have to be observed. After the last layer finished curing time the Gelcoat can be filled into the mould. The following reaction times have to be seen as minimum:

Mould temperature: Polymerization time:
20°C 60 minutes
35°C 45 minutes
50°C 30 minutes
80°C 15 minutes
100°C 10 minutes

Prepared this way a mould will stand a number of demouldings and the release film is thermo-stable up to 275°C. Upon decreasing release effect you simply have to make a light Touch-Up to recover the full release power after the polymerization interval.

Attention: Container is under protective gas, keep tightly closed. After initially opening the container, please use up immediately. The Release Agent reacts with air humidity and can loose its desired effect after a longer storage of a once opened container.


Do not store outdoors. Protect from heat and cold. Container is pressurized. Open with care. Allow products to reach room temperature before use. Do not leave container open.
Storage temperature: between 10° C and 30° C.
Maximum storage: approx. 6 months (originally sealed container)