Henax | ACMOSAL 82-869
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ACMOSAL 82-869

ACMOSAL 82-869

Internal Release Agent for UP/EP resins


Internal Release Agent


Excellent release.

Easy to use.

Influences on the reaction time have not been observed.


Contents of drum must be well stirred before and during use.

The Release Agent should be at room temperature before processing.

Due to our experiences the internal Release Agent can be mixed directly into the resin by means of a metering pump or a sufficient stirrer. It is not necessary to make up a high-concentrated masterbatch.

We recommend to use additionally an external release agent for new or clean moulds.

During production the occasional application of an external release agent could effect a better demoulding.

The amount to be integrated depends on conditions of processing and must be investigated by trials.

We recommend to add between 0,5 % and 2 % to the resin.


Stir up thoroughly before use. Do not store outdoors. Protect from heat and cold. Allow products to reach room temperature before use.

Storage temperature: between 10° C and 30° C.