Henax | ACMOS 81-400 WE
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ACMOS 81-400 WE

ACMOS 81-400 WE

Release agent for production of coated boards


No substances regarded as toxic or carcinogenic according to the Regulations concerning Dangerous Substances are used in the production of ACMOS 81-400WE.


ACMOS 81-400WE is a liquid, white release agent highly stable at high and low temperatures. It does not contain silicones or solvents. This emulsified form of a release agent is particularly suitable for spraying on hot press plates.


Spray on hot press plates. When applying to cold plates wait for a short time, so that moisture can evaporate and the full release effect is achieved.

For the production of coated boards (phenolic and similar resins), decorative boards, etc. Likewise for corestrip gluing machines. Begins to dissolve white glue residues.


Non-returnable drums with a net capacity of 5 kg, 20 kg and 180 kg.