Henax | ACMOS 71-100TS
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ACMOS 71-100TS

ACMOS 71-100TS

Release agent for paint spraying booths and splashboards without water sprinkling


No substances regarded as toxic or carcinogenic according to the Regulations concerning Dangerous Substances are used in the production of ACMOS 71-100TS.


ACMOS 71-100TS is liquid. It does not contain solvents or silicones. Adheres even at high temperatures and does not run off surfaces even if they are vertical. The good release effect permits easy removal of paint and varnish residues, even if these have accumulated over a long time.


The release agent is ready for use and can be applied by a brush or spray gun on the clean surfaces to be protected. Economical in consumption.


Non-returnable drums with a net capacity of 5 kg, 20 kg and 180 kg.