Henax | ACMOS 48-405
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ACMOS 48-405

ACMOS 48-405

Release agent for blank moulds


ACMOS 48-405 is a mould release paste on a graphite-mineral oil base with outstanding flow and wetting properties on the hot blank mould.

ACMOS 48-405 forms a very thin yet uniform separating film that adheres well and does not split off. The heat transfer to the mould is not obstructed and best conditions are provided for good glass dispersion.

ACMOS 48-405 is very economical in use and very efficient.
Bottles made with ACMOS 48-405 are smooth and lustrous and have a high surface quality.

The use of ACMOS 48-405 prevents the formation of micro-cracks and scratches.


The lubricating brush should be well squeezed, because the adhering amount will still be sufficient to form a uniform mould release film. When used economically, even the first glass article will usually come from the mould free from residues.

Compared with conventional mould pastes, ACMOS 48-405 has a considerable longer service life. Once the user has become familiar with the application of the product, he will be able to prolong the lubricating intervals step by step.

When using it for the first time, it is advisable to apply ACMOS 48-405 to clean moulds only, because incompatibilities with residues of old release agents may occur.

The effect of ACMOS 48-405 can be substantially improved by coating the moulds with ACMOS 43-5001 (water-based) before use.

ACMOS 48-405 can also be used for finished moulds and for mould bases.


Available in non-returnable drums with a net content of 50 kg and 190 kg.