Henax | ACMOS 48-221
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ACMOS 48-221

ACMOS 48-221

Mould release paste for production of crystal glass


ACMOS 48-221 is a mould release paste with an excellent lubricating effect.

ACMOS 48-221 is a product based on graphite and mineral oil, which has very good wetting properties and forms a thin parting film with good adhesion. Cracks in the glass are avoided, likewise wobbling and tilting glasses.


ACMOS 48-221 is used for lubrication of the contact points between glass and metal during conveyance from production to the annealing furnace and for the transfer plate. To prevent adherence of the glass during pressed glass production a thin coating can also be applied to the frame and edges of the plant.


ACMOS 48-221 is supplied in non-returnable drums with net contents of 5 kg and 50 kg.