Henax | ACMOS 48-141
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ACMOS 48-141

ACMOS 48-141

Release agent for finished moulds


ACMOS 48-141 is a mould release paste with excellent flow and wetting properties on the hot finished mould.

ACMOS 48-141 forms an extremely thin, but uniform parting film, which adheres very well and prevents cracks in the glass. Heat transfer to the mould is not impeded.

Bottles and glasses made with ACMOS 48-141 are smooth and lustrous.


ACMOS 48-141 is extremely economical in consumption and has a high spreading capacity. The lubricating brush should always be pressed out because a thin parting film is quite adequate to obtain residue-free glass of excellent quality.

It is advisable to use ACMOS 48-141 only on clean moulds on the first occasion, because it may be incompatible with the old release agent residues.


Non-returnable drums with net contents of 5 kg and 50 kg.