Henax | ACMOS 46-9025
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ACMOS 46-9025

ACMOS 46-9025

Water-miscible cooling lubricant for feeder blades.
ACMOS 46-9025 is a cooling lubricant suitable for use in all systems (also the newest generation) without return of the cooling lubricant emulsion (consumption systems).


ACMOS 46-9025 contains native oils, special emulsifiers, wetting agents and corrosion protection additives. ACMOS 46-9025 is foam-inhibited and enable an easy using.
ACMOS 46-9025 is free of mineral oil and nitrite.


It was possible to combine all properties which must be present in a modern, easily cleaned cooling lubricant, by careful selection of the individual components:
– excellent lubricating effect
– long feeder blade life
– no attack on aluminium
– excellent cooling effect
– highly economical consumption
– excellent glass cut-off


Please consider our INFO sheet “Quality of the mixing water for shear blade lubricants”.
ACMOS 46-9025 can be used in a dilution of up to 1:2000, a ratio of 1: 1200 being the most advantageous according to experience so far acquired.


Non-returnable drums with net contents of 20kg, 180kg and 900kg.