Henax | ACMOS 45-2
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ACMOS 45-2

ACMOS 45-2

Lubricant for chutes and channels


ACMOS 45-2 is a lubricant that is ideal for the lubrication of the glass drop.
ACMOS 45-2 is free of graphite.


The lubricant is made from a careful selection of high quality components, and is characterized by the following properties:

excellent lubrication
no aluminum attack
finest sprayability
very economical usage


ACMOS 45-2 is used undiluted, together with the water spray. It is sufficient to use apply ACMOS 45-2 every 25 drops, according to general experience.

Spray angle and interval are to be adapted to needs.


ACMOS 45-2 is easily and finely sprayed.

appearance: colorless, clear
odor: mild
density (20 °C): about 0.85 g / ml
lower explosive Limit: 0.45 Vol-%
upper explosive limit: 4,5 Vol-%
viscosity (20 °C): about 39 mm2 / s
viscosity (40 °C): about 16 mm2 / s
viscosity (100 °C): about 3 mm2 / s
flash point: > 180 °C


Non-returnable drums with net contents of 20 kg and 180 kg.