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ACMOS 43-8

ACMOS 43-8

Coating for chutes (coarse)


ACMOS 43-8 is a high viscosity type.
With ACMOS 43-8 the sliding properties of glass gobs in the chute are improved considerably.
Because of the coating’s extremely good impact strength and heat resistance, the lifetime of the chutes is several weeks. The coating copes well with extreme heat loading due to high cutting speeds.
Application of the coating is easy. Because of the long pot life, coating can be carried out without haste. Losses
due to a too early thickening of the material do not occur.


ACMOS 43-8 is highly viscous and can thicken under unfavourable circumstances!
This status is reversible: Place the tins of ACMOS 43-8 concerned at approx. 60°C into the oven. Brief heating will rebuilt the original viscosity.
– Degrease and clean chutes.
– Stir up coating homogeneously in the tin.
– Shortly before starting to apply add 1 bottle of HARDENER ACMOS 43-23 per tin.
– Pot life with hardener ACMOS 43-23 is approx. 60 min..
– Please note: For a better workability the tin as well as the bottle with the hardener are only filled partially.
– Apply the homogeneous coating material by a soft brush onto the chutes.
– Please note: The chutes should be brought to room temperature before!
– After application of the coating it must harden for approx. 24 hours. Only this way optimum durability is achieved.
– Wear protective gloves while working.
– Do not inhale solvent vapours.
– Use hardener with care.
– Avoid contact with the skin or mucous membranes.
– If splashes hit the eye, rinse generously with water.


Do not store in the open. Warm up cold material to room temperature before use.
Contents: 300 g/tin; carton = 12 tins incl. HARDENER ACMOS 43-23

Additional information can be found in the EU safety data sheet.
Our technical service department will gladly advise you on all questions concerning the application of our products. Free samples can be made available to you on request.
All information given is accurate to the best of our knowledge but provided without guarantee.
Bremen, 29 February 2016