Henax | ACMOS 43-51
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ACMOS 43-51

ACMOS 43-51

Special mould coating resistant to high temperatures


ACMOS 43-51 is a varnish-type, highly heat-resistant coating specially developed for surface treatment of glass moulds.

ACMOS 43-51 forms a matt black, very strongly adhering film, which enables dry closing of the moulds and renders mould lubrication unnecessary for up to 5 hours.

When an ACMOS mould release agent is used brushing of the gathering moulds is required only at much longer intervals; the intervals are about three times longer than in the conventional process.

Hence ACMOS 43-51 in conjunction with an ACMOS mould release agent thus offers a significant cost advantage as a result of low consumption and extended mould lives.


ACMOS 43-51 is formulated for spraying and can easily be applied by a compressed-air spray gun (nozzle width 0.8 mm, air pressure 1.7 – 2 bar).

ACMOS 43-51 is also highly suitable for use in mould varnishing machines.

Before spraying the moulds must be metallically bright and should be degreased with ACMOSOL 130-28 cleaner. Two coatings of ACMOS 43-51 should then be sprayed on thinly and uniformly.
Allow the coating to dry well, then stove. Optimum film properties are achieved after about one hour at about 350°C.

Make sure that rooms and workplaces are well ventilated.


ACMOS 43-51 is supplied in sheet-metal drums. Boxes = 12 x 850 g.
ACMOSOL 130-28 in 18 kg canisters.