Henax | ACMOS 43-5001
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ACMOS 43-5001

ACMOS 43-5001

Special coating compound for the manufacture of hollow glassware


ACMOS 43-5001 is an aqueous, high temperature-resistant coating compound for the surface treatment of blank moulds.

ACMOS 43-5001 forms a matt grey film with a high adhesive strength, which allows the moulds to be brought together in dry conditions. Depending on the gob speed and the article being manufactured, the service life is between 15 and 30 hours. Consumption is low, because only a thin coating is required.

The compound must be stored in frost-free conditions; if it has congealed, it can be returned to a sprayable condition by warming it to 30°C – 40ºC an d stirring or shaking it.


ACMOS 43-5001 should be well stirred or shaken before use.

ACMOS 43-5001 is produced in sprayable form and can be easily applied with a compressed-air spray gun, nozzle width 0.8 mm, air pressure 1.5-2.0 bar.

Before spraying, the moulds must be cleaned down to the bright metal and should be degreased with ACMOSOL 130-28 cleaner. Only one coating must be applied. Subsequent baking is not necessary, as the heating of the moulds to the final operating temperature is sufficient for hardening.

The compressed-air spray gun can be cleaned with water after coating.

The mould can be cleaned by sand-blasting prior to re-coating.


ACMOS 43-5001 is supplied in disposable containers holding 1 kg (cartons: 12 x 1 kg) and 5 kg net.
ACMOSOL 130-28 is supplied in 18 kg canisters.