Henax | ACMOS 43-4
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ACMOS 43-4

ACMOS 43-4

Special coating for chutes and channels (fine / heat resistant)


When using ACMOS 43-4 the sliding properties of glass gobs in the channel can be improved considerably.

Due to the coating’s extremely good impact strength and heat resistance the service life of the channels can be increased to several weeks. Even at higher cutting speeds the material can cope well with the higher temperature loads.

Application of the coating is easy. Because of the long pot life, coating can be carried out without haste and losses due to the material setting too early are not possible.


Degrease and clean channels.

Shortly before starting to apply add 1 bottle of hardener per tin and mix well until the mixture is homogeneous. With the spatula loosen resin which is sticking to the lid and do not forget to stir up the bottom of the tin.

Please note: The tin as well as the bottle with the hardener are only partially filled for reasons of better workability.

Apply the well-mixed material by brush thinly and evenly to the heated channels. The channels should be handwarm (approx. 40 – 50°C).

After coating the channels must dry out overnight at room temperature. Only in this way is optimum durability achieved during operation.

The pot life for the coating material mixed with the hardener at normal room temperature is about 1 hour.

Please note that the higher the room temperature the shorter the pot life. Hardened material cannot be dissolved with ordinary solvent.

To expedite hardening of the coating, the pasted channels can be cured for about 30 minutes at 100°C in a furnace.


Protective gloves should be used during application; do not inhale solvent vapours. Use hardener with care.

It must not come into contact with the skin or mucous membranes. If splashes hit the eye wash generously with water.


Do not store in the open. Warm up cold material to room temperature before use.

Contents: 300 g/tin; carton = 12 tins!