Henax | ACMOS 43-36
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ACMOS 43-36

ACMOS 43-36

High thermal resistance special coating for moulds and tools


ACMOS 43-36 is a paint-type, white, highly heat-resistant coating with an excellent mould life even under extreme conditions.

ACMOS 43-36 is a multi-functional separating agent for particular applications (frames, stamps, moulds). Because of the exceptionally high abrasion resistance of the coating, very good results are obtained in circumstances where other coatings no longer function.


ACMOS 43-36 is very simple to apply and presents no problems. Before being sprayed,
the surfaces must be cleaned to the bare metal and ideally degreased with cleaner ACMOSOL 130-28.

ACMOS 43-36 is formulated for spraying and can easily be applied by a compressed-air spray gun (nozzle width 0.8 mm, air pressure 1.7 – 2 bar).

ACMOS 43-36 should be applied in a thin, even coating from a distance of about 20 cm. For optimum effects, two coatings should be applied in succession.

Unevenly applied coatings can easily be removed with cleaner ACMOSOL 130-28.

Before the moulds are inserted in the machine the coating must be tempered for about 60 minutes at an oven temperature of 350°C. The coating must not come in contact with a naked gas flame during this treatment.

Make sure that rooms and workplaces are well ventilated.


ACMOS 43-36 is supplied in 1 kg sheet-metal drums. Boxes = 12 x 1 kg.
ACMOSOL 130-28 is supplied in 18 kg canisters.