Henax | ACMOS 43-2450
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ACMOS 43-2450

ACMOS 43-2450

High temperature-resistant special coating for moulds


ACMOS 43-2450 is a varnish-like, highly heat-resistant coating, which has been specially developed for coating the surface of used rotary finished moulds.

The service life of rotary finished moulds can be extended by about two to three hours by using ACMOS 43-2450.


Shake the spray can well before use.

When the glass has been removed from the rotary finished mould, spray the inside of the mould as evenly as possible with ACMOS 43-2450 from a distance of about 20 cm. The continuous working process must not be interrupted when doing this. The application of the spray must be completed before the mould reaches the water spray.


ACMOS 43-2450 is supplied in spray cans. 12 cans per carton.