Henax | ACMOS 43-14 / 43-2414
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ACMOS 43-14 / 43-2414

ACMOS 43-14 / 43-2414

High-temperature-resistant special coating for orifices


ACMOS 43-14 is a varnish-like, highly heat-resistant coating which has been specially developed for the surface treatment of finished moulds and finished mould bases. The use of ACMOS 43-14 prevents the formation of micro-cracks, particularly on lettering and engravings.

The pot life is several days.

For those who do not need big quantities, ACMOS 43-14 can be supplied in spray tins under the name of ACMOS 43-2414.


ACMOS 43-14 can be used very simply and without complications. Before spraying, the moulds must be metallic bright and should ideally be degreased with ACMOSOL 130-28 cleaner.

ACMOS 43-14 can be applied with a compressed-air spray gun, nozzle width 0.8 mm, air pressure 1.7-2.0 bar, without difficulty. ACMOS 43-2414 must be shaken vigorously before application.

Spray on a thin, even layer of ACMOS 43-14 from a distance of about 20 cm. Make sure that rooms and workplaces are well ventilated.

Unevenly applied coats can easily be removed again with ACMOSOL 130-28 cleaner.

Before the moulds are placed in the machine, the coating must be cured for approx. 60 min at an oven temperature of 350°C. During this, the coating must not come into contact with an open gas flame.

When the cured moulds have been inserted, no lubrication is necessary.


ACMOS 43-14 is supplied in metal cans. 1 carton contains 12 x 0,9 kg cans.

ACMOS 43-2414 is supplied in aerosol tins. Boxes contain 12 tins.

ACMOSOL 130-28 is supplied in 18 kg canisters.