Henax | ACMOS 43-104
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ACMOS 43-104

ACMOS 43-104

Single-component mould coating for rotary blowing machines (heat resistant)


ACMOS 43-104 is a coating for rotary blowing machines.
With this coating it is possible to achieve a life of 24 hours or more.


Clean the moulds thoroughly. The moulds must have a bright metallic lustre without any grease residues.

Stir the ACMOS 43-104 thoroughly in its tin. With ACMOS 43-104 no hardener needs to be added! Using a soft brush, apply a thin and uniform coating to the moulds, and then cover with wood or cork flour in the usual way.

Depending on mould size, the coating hardens in 25 – 45 minutes in the curing oven at a temperature of 280°C. After cooling, moulds can the n be placed in the machine. After a dry run of 1 – 2 revolutions, the wood or cork flour is carbonised and the moulds are ready for service.

After use, the brushes can be cleaned in nitro thinner.

Cleaning the moulds after use:

Place the moulds for 30 minutes in an oven at 500°C . The remnants of the coating can then be removed with a steel brush.


ACMOS 43-104 is supplied in 700 g tins. Cartons contain 4 x 700 g tins !