Henax | ACMOS 43-102
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ACMOS 43-102

ACMOS 43-102

Mould coating for rotary blowing machines (heat resistant)


ACMOS 43-102 is a high-quality coating material for rotary blowing machines. Lives of 24 hours and longer are achieved with this coating.


Clean the moulds thoroughly. The moulds must be metallic bright and must not have grease

Stir ACMOS 43-102 in the tin and weigh out the required quantity. Likewise weigh the hardener (10 g hardener to 100 g 43-102) and mix both components thoroughly with each other. Then coat the cold moulds thinly and evenly with a soft brush and subsequently cover with wood or cork flour in the usual way.

If moulds are required more quickly, the hardening can be accelerated. Place the moulds for 15 min. in an oven at 200°C, then cool with air. The moulds can be placed in the machine after cooling.
After dry running for 1-2 revolutions the wood or cork flour is carbonised and the moulds are ready for operation.

IMPORTANT: After addition of the hardener the pot life at room temperature is 45 minutes max.

The brushes used can be cleaned in nitro thinner.

Cleaning the moulds:

Place the moulds in an oven for approx. 30 min. at 500°C. The coating residues can then be removed by a steel brush.


ACMOS 43-102 is supplied in 700 g tins plus the hardener. Cartons contain 4 x 700 g tins !