Henax | ACMOS 42-6
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ACMOS 42-6

ACMOS 42-6

Coating for rotary blow moulds
ACMOS 42-6 is used in the production of domestic glassware by mechanical or manual rotary blow moulding in order to extend mould life.


ACMOS 42-6 consists of natural graphite.


ACMOS 42-6 in combination with ACMOS 42-1 and ACMOS 42-3 is applied to the surface coating of the moulds so as to assist in extending mould life.

ACMOS 42-6 is added to the mixture ACMOS 42-1 and ACMOS 42-3 with 5 – 10 %. It is advisable to use an extractor system during processing.

Recommended mixture:

8 parts ACMOS 42-1
16 parts ACMOS 42-3
1 part ACMOS 42-6

Technical data:

Powdered graphite.

Supply form:

Tins of 0,25 kg