Henax | ACMOS 42-3
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ACMOS 42-3

ACMOS 42-3

Coating for rotary blow moulds
ACMOS 42-3 is used in the production of domestic glassware by mechanical or manual rotary blow moulding in order to extend mould life.


ACMOS 42-3 consists of natural wood fibrous materials.


ACMOS 42-3 is applied to the surface coating of the moulds so as to assist in extending mould life.

An improved surface quality of the glass is not however produced. Depending on the glass article concerned, the desired surface is nevertheless achieved more quickly.

ACMOS 42-3 has to be added in combination with ACMOS 42-1 in a ratio of 70 -50 %. It is advisable to use an extractor system during processing.

Recommended mixture:

8 parts ACMOS 42-1
16 parts ACMOS 42-3
1 part ACMOS 42-6

Technical data:

Wood fibres.

Supply form:

15 kg sacks.