Henax | ACMOS 23-5100
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ACMOS 23-5100

ACMOS 23-5100

Lubricant for metal / plastic conveyor belts


ACMOS 23-5100 is a water-based, polishable wax product.

Application of ACMOS 23-5100 increases the slip effect and the glasses or bottles are protected against surface damage.

ACMOS 23-5100 contains no dichloromethane.


Remove grease and rust from guide rails and conveyor belts, preferably with ACMOSOL 130-28 cleaner.

Guide rails and conveyor belts can be sprayed with ACMOS 23-5100 at the cold end.

Apply ACMOS 23-5100 with a cloth, allow to dry and then polish with a soft cloth. The life is usually several days.


ACMOS 23-5100 is supplied in 5 kg and 20 kg canisters.
ACMOSOL 130-28 is supplied in 18 kg canisters.

Please check for material compatibility before use!
Additional information can be found in the ACMOS EU safety data sheet.
Our Sales and Technical Department are always at your disposal to answer technical queries.

All information given is accurate to the best of our knowledge but do not exempt from your own testswith regards to its aptitude for the
intended purposes. Application, use and processing are done outside our control and must therefore be exclusively the responsibility of the end user.