Henax | ACMOS 2-2405
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ACMOS 2-2405

ACMOS 2-2405

External Release Agent for thermoplastics, i.e. Polymethacrylates, Polyamides, TPU, PVC, Polystyrol, ABS etc.


Excellent release
Free of CFC-propellants
Wide range of application
Economic in use


Shake well before use.
The Release Agent should be sprayed onto the mould surfaces rapidly from a distance of some 20 to 30 cm. Spraying should be done thin and even.
If the best surface quality is required, the mould can be wiped over afterwards with a soft cloth.


Protect from heat and cold. Container is pressurized. Open with care. Allow products to reach room temperature before use.
Storage temperature: between 10° C and 30° C.