Henax | ACMOS 118-94
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ACMOS 118-94

ACMOS 118-94

Viscose release agent for core and mould production


ACMOS 118-94 is suitable for all cold-curing sands used in the manufacture of moulds and cores such as, for example, in the furan resin, phenolic resin, COLD-BOX or CO2 processes.

It is particularly suitable for older wooden patterns, the surface of which is smoothed by the varnish-like parting film.

ACMOS 118-94 is a viscose wax dispersion containing aluminium pigment.


ACMOS 118-94 must be stirred well before use and be used undiluted in the condition as supplied.

The parting agent should be applied thinly and evenly. Allow a brief period of 10-20 minutes for the vapours to disperse.

With careful application by hand or by a spray system, several mould release operations can usually be carried out with a single application of parting agent.


ACMOS 118-94 is supplied in disposable containers of 5 kg and 20 kg net capacity.