Henax | ACMOS 118-63 / 118-2463
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ACMOS 118-63 / 118-2463

ACMOS 118-63 / 118-2463

Special parting agent for core and mould production


ACMOS 118-63 is a special parting agent for all cold-curing processes such as COLD-BOX, CO2, BETA SET and the like.

Due to the particular combination of active ingredients in this special product, ACMOS 118-63 has already succeeded in demonstrating its outstanding parting properties in practical work. Even under very unfavourable conditions several release operations are usually possible.

For users requiring only small quantities, ACMOS 118-63 can also be supplied as a spray under the designation ACMOS 118-2463.


ACMOS 118-63 must be used undiluted in the condition as supplied. The parting agent should be applied thinly and evenly. ACMOS 118-2463 should be applied thinly and evenly from a distance of about 25 cm. Allow a brief period for the vapours to disperse.

With careful application by hand or by a spray system, several mould release operations can usually be carried out with a single application of parting agent.


Disposable containers of 4,5 kg, 18 kg and 140 kg net capacity.

ACMOS 118-2463 is supplied in aerosol tins. Boxes contain 12 tins.