Henax | Acmos 118-239
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Acmos 118-239

ACMOS 118-239

Parting agent for mould manufacture


ACMOS 118-239 is particularly suitable for the demoulding from green sand. The release agent film is highly resistant to heat and moisture, so that adherence of the sand is largely avoided. The mouldings retain sharp contours.
ACMOS 118-239 is a solvent-free parting agent.
We recommend our product with the high release reserve ACMOS 118-222 for difficult stripping operations.


ACMOS 118-239 should be used undiluted in the “as delivered” condition.
The release agent should be applied thinly and evenly. Repeated demoulding is usually possible after a single application of the release agent provided that it is correctly applied by hand or by a sprayer.


Non-returnable drums with 170 kg or 800 kg net.