Henax | ACMOS 103-30
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ACMOS 103-30

ACMOS 103-30

Release paste for glued wood construction


No substances regarded as toxic or carcinogenic according to the Regulations concerning Dangerous Substances are used in the production of ACMOS 103-30.


ACMOS 103-30 (pasty) is a silicon-free release agent in particular for glued wood construction. Acts against resorcin resin glues, urea resin glues, etc.


Apply ACMOS 103-30 thinly with a brush or cloth on the clean surfaces to be protected.

Glue residues can subsequently easily be scraped off with a wooden spatula. Then apply release agent again.

Ask for ACMOS 100-2450 release spray for smaller fields of application.


Non-returnable drums with a net capacity of 5 kg, 20 kg and 170 kg.