Henax | ACMOS 101-5060
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ACMOS 101-5060

ACMOS 101-5060

Release agent for single parts in the furniture and shopfitting industry


No substances regarded as toxic or carcinogenic according to the Regulations concerning Dangerous Substances are used in the production of ACMOS 101-5060.


ACMOS 101-5060 can be used on screw presses and hydraulic presses and is effective against casein glue, animal glues as well as urea and melamine resin glue.

IMPORTANT: Please ask for details of ACMOS 1124 B or ACMOS 101-5001 for wood veneers.


Apply thinly on press platens and tools with a cloth, brush or by spraying. Allow to act for a short time, so that the film can adhere firmly to the surfaces. Apply the thick coating of ACMOS 101-5060 to already adhering casein glue residues and leave it to act for about 15 minutes. Then scrape off the glue residues with a wooden spatula.


Non-returnable drums with a nett capacity of 5 kg, 20 kg and 180 kg.