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ACMOS 100-5475

ACMOS 100-5475

Formulation of various fatty alcohols, esters, fatty acids and surfactants which does not contain silicones.


ACMOS 100-5475 is a composition stable in heat, cold and storage, which can be diluted with water to the required concentration for use. Very good release properties with regard to phenolic and similar resins.
ACMOS 100-5475 can be used instead of paraffin emulsion, tall oil, crude linseed oil etc.


– exceptionally high separation effect, hence only extremely small application quantities
– reliable separation effect also with freshly used sheets and different resin formulations
– extremely clean board surfaces
– paraffin-free surfaces, hence no difficulties in varnishing, gluing, coating and sanding
– further dilutable with water
– excellent wetting also with maximum dilution
– creates a transparent emulsion
– stable in storage
– contaminants of the pressed steel belts can be reduced


An emulsion prepared from the concentrate and water is applied. Only nozzles producing a uniform drip-free spraying pattern over the full width of the fibre cake should be used for spraying.
If a nozzle bar is not installed in the plant, the release agent can also be applied by a roller and rotating brush or
by rotors.
Before processing the product must be at room temperature.

Preparation of the working solution:

Emulsify ACMOS 100-5475 in water before use. For this purpose place 1 part of release agent in a vessel and then allow 10 parts of water (condensate quality) to flow in while stirring continuously. For producing particleboards it is sufficient to use an emulsion of 1%.
The working solution can be handled without difficulty at room temperature.
Good wetting is ensured both on the fibre cake and on polyurethane- and silicone-coated conveyor belts.
The solutions are highly stable and their effectiveness is not impaired by circulation by piston pump. The use of geared pumps as a means of conveyance is not recommended.


Surface quality of the MDF boards:
Dark surfaces, medium gloss, perfectly smooth. No spot formation by the ACMOS release agent.

Can be varnished or painted:
As the board surface is paraffin-free the varnish or paint drying time is not delayed even on crude fibre boards.
Varnish or paint adhesion is excellent. With many paint or varnish systems, the amount of paint or varnish used
can be reduced.

Gluing and coating:
As the board surface is no longer-tightly sealed with paraffin, extremely good glue adhesion is achieved even
without sanding. In addition the well-known adhesion difficulties associated with coating with phenolic resin or
decorative foils are precluded.

The boards will be used without sanding for many applications. If sanding is carried out, however, a further
advantage is noticeable: the sanding dust will no longer form wax-smeared lumps and reduce the sanding
efficiency, but will always remain loose.


The product must be protected against cold and heat. Storage time 12 months.

Additional information can be found in the EU safety data sheet.
Our technical service department will gladly advise you on all questions concerning the application of our products. Free samples can be made available to you on request.
All information given is accurate to the best of our knowledge but provided without guarantee.
Bremen, 27 July 2015