Henax | ACMOS 118-225
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ACMOS 118-225

ACMOS 118-225

Release agent for removal from green sand (bentonite mass)


ACMOS 118-225 has been specially developed for separating mouldings from greensand moulds. The parting agent film is highly resistant to heat and moisture and has good slip properties, so that adhesion of sand can be largely avoided. The contours of the mouldings remain sharp, and no damage occurs to the bentonite formation.
ACMOS 118-225 is a solvent-free parting agent with good wettability.


ACMOS 118-225 should be used undiluted, in the as-delivered condition. The parting agent should be applied thinly and evenly. If it is applied expertly by hand or with a spray system, a single application is usually sufficient for several mould separations.


Non-returnable drums containing 20 kg or 160 kg net.